Friday, April 24, 2009

5inco de Mayo in Sayulita + the Imbiber

I love to read what other drinkers have to
say, and to reflect my addiction to flavor, taste, and gosh darn... Alcohol, to theirs. I enjoy reading about drinking, I watch movies about people who love a good time under the influence, and I appreciate a dedication and documentation of it all. Online there are a bevy of awesome people taking time to share their loves as well, and they rule. Dan Dunn is one of them. He runs a great drinking and spirits site called the Imbiber , clearly enjoying his glass of whatever it may be - a man after my own heart! He is also the spirits writer for Playboy, so that's a ton of cool in my book, being a big fan of a nudie mag anyday. Recently he was kind enough to call out the Sayulita Tequila Journal as well as the S.F.T. Tequila Bar's upcoming 5inco de Mayo party - Check it out here!

If you are the kind of drinker that may like a bit of history with your alcohol, pour a short glass, rinse, repeat, and check this out. I didn't know alot about Mexico before moving here. I knew the basics, I speak spanish, being a pure blood Argentine (the creme of the crop as far as Latinos are concerned - really, ask anyone!) and my brother was married in Tijuana. Since living here, I find Mexico's rich history one of my favorite topics, no shit. What a country! Talk about stomped upon, fucked with, and taken to town. Like a kid in the street, who eventually fights back and kicks ass! No surprise they enjoy a good relaxing or celebratory drink! Anyway, today I learned more about the 5th of May, as a Gringo may say. Here it is, translated into Gab-speak (that's me). Cinco de Mayo is a regional holiday in my dear Mexico, primarily celebrated in the state of Puebla, with the rest of the country recognizing it only as a minor event each year (and finding much pleasure surely that the U.S. celebrates it heavily, often for the wrong reason...but more on that later..). The holiday we speak of celebrates the battle between Mexico and the French on May 5, 1862, and Mexico's unlikely yet extremely awesome triumph over the French, who kinda suck (Yay Mexico! Boo France!). This is known as the Battle of Puebla. Not an official holiday, it remains a significant battle for 2 major reasons. First, the Mexican army was outnumbered 2 x 1 by heavily armed French forces that had not been defeated in 50 years, and second it was the last time the "Americas" were invaded by outside forces. You just know there were significant amounts of Mexicans drinking Tequila to celebrate that day at Puebla, just like there will be in the U.S. this year during its many celebrations - Mexicans and Gringos alike. While it's significance is limited in Mexico, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated heavily in the U.S. as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride (and a good reason for people to drink without really knowing why). Right on? Unfortunately, it is also a common misconception in the U.S. that it celebrates Mexico's Independence day, which is actually September 16, the most important Mexican holiday of all. So as you toss back some drinks in the ol' U.S. of A. next week, share some good info to your local know nothings!

Again, I always state there does not need to be a good reason for a good drink, but it's even tastier if you have one. Now on this great day, you know why to drink... Mexico beat up the French. They literally punched them in the face. Let's drink to that! For those of you in Mexico, come drink with us in Sayulita, such a great place to drink I moved here - Just as the Mexican army was outnumbered 2 x 1, word on the dusty streets of Sayulita that drinks will be 2 x 1. Sign me up for some excessive drinking. Plus Mariachi music, and a good Mexican spring day - all I can say is "what Swine Flu?" Tequila surely can kill the swine flu, if anything can. That's my medicine. Viva Mexico!

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