Monday, April 13, 2009

A good day always ends up at the Bar...

I went for a walk today with my son, Maximo Lobo. Not only a great kid but an awesome drinking partner, even at 8 months. I know what you are thinking - "Best Dad ever". Totally, I don't want to sound snobby, but it's true. Anyway, our walk took us through town, stops at the bootleg DVD stand, a dust parade down Calle Pelicanos, and an ever important quick stop for a "Cielo Rojo". A favorite of mine any day, it's a Mexican traditional beer concoction, mixed with Tabasco, Worcester, Soy, lots of lime and salt, and finally, Clamato and ice. Lots of it. Awesome. This is a drink that not only keeps your beer cold in our hot little country, but adds all the joy of a Bloody Mary, and then some. Steak comes to mind - hot spicy carne asada. It is an acquired taste, but when acquired, hard to let go. With that, we wandered on, my little Ewok and I. Off to see the Wizard, the wonderful wizard of Tequila. It was a super sunny day in Sayulita, and as we walk around the plaza, the sounds of the occasional "Maximo!" in the background bring a smile to my face. The town around us knows my boy, and I look forward to him growing up in this spot in the world. As a gringo, you can live here for years and never totally feel like its your home, always the outsider. After 3 years, I have to say, it feels like home to me. Speaking of homes, let's go to the Bar.

When you show up to a bar, at 3pm with a drink already in your hand, you know its a good day. This was today, Gab and Son, Cielo Rojo in hand, visiting my fave bar in town. To our good luck, S.F.T.'s main man Mark Albert was there, and off we went. Today I drank well, but simply. We started out with Tequila De Los Gonzalez blanco, a pretty amazing white that Mark joined me for. It's always better to share a new taste, and Mark a good sounding board to enjoy Tequila with. This blanco made me never want to drink a reposado again. Strong nose, true agave flavor full of Vanilla and hot finish. Wonderful. There is a rich family history behind this bottle, which always adds another level to any good Tequila, as Mexico is all about history.

My treat of the day was a little bottle called Te Amo Blanco. You probably haven't heard much on this bottle, but it had a super gentle nose, simple flavor and great overall taste, all surely due to it's only 38% proof. My alcoholic self often yells a hearty "bah-humbug!" at anything not strong enough to burn your nose hairs, but I really liked this. Good price, good taste, good buzz. Find it and drink it.

Not only do I drink, but I document. S.F.T. has a burgening little gang, called the S.F.T. Tequila Squad, and we drink, write about our drinks, and maybe meet in a dark alley here and there... and drink more, Tequila that is. Mark provides his squad with great tracking diaries to keep up with their every Tequila, make notes, etc. I am lucky enough (or damned?) to have filled my first book, and Mark gifted me a Agave-bound Tequila bible to keep my drawings and ramblings about my latest conquest at the bar. So awesome. I have always dreamed of having a special glass at a bar I always drank at, when I get nice and old. Well, I have started a book that I hope to look back at years from now, when I am drinking at (or passed out in) my home town bar. Good times. More on the S.F.T. Tequila Squad soon.


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