Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Welcome to the Tequila Journal...

My name is Gabbi Villarrubia, and I like to drink. Like is a soft word in a hard world to describe my love of drinking, and even though my world is far from hard, I like to soften the edges with a drink. Often. Though I would comfortably say I like all sorts of drinks and elixirs... mixed, shaken, stirred, shot, frozen, white, brown or black and tan... the queen of my dream bar is our Mexican princess, Tequila.

My love suits my life, since I live in a place well suited for my tastes...Mexico. Not just Mexico, mind you, but Sayulita, Mexico. I live here with my wife and partner in freedom, Andrea, and our son, Maximo Lobo, and if you care to know more, visit our world at www.gabrea.com. Our town is small, but dynamic and international, and our scene is one of joviality and family. Sun and surf is the name of the game, but for those of us not born to ride waves, we ride highs of another sort. We drink. I drink. And I drink at the SFT Tequila bar www.sayulitafishtaco.com - a place for a guy like me to celebrate the joys of life, and the wonder of a great glass of Tequila. This bar has a short history, but an amazing future, and I feel lucky to have this kind of place to hang my hat. I enjoy drinking tequila and studying its amazing varieties to such an extent, and have met so many others with the same love, that I have decided to write about it. I like to write about things I drink, things I read about, people I meet at the bar, and the widom of those around me - all through the rose or rage red glasses of a Tequila glass. I hope you dig the ramblings that are born from all the above.

This is my journal, these are my words, and this is my life. Take it for what it is - best served with a glass of Tequila.


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