Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wisdom from behind the bar

I don't just drink at my favorite bar, I listen... Mark talks. Here is some recent wisdom I learn and live by...

"With all the rush-rush in life, I have gone on a new campaign. "Sipping for a longer Life"
By slowing down, it lets a person relax for a moment and regain ones self. It's a fact that we are on this stinkin' planet for a very short time. Maybe it's not about how much we can get done, but the quality of what we have done. Sip and ponder - The SFT Tequilapeutic lifestyle. Charging the Hunger, Sipping for life."

Mark Alberto, the man behind the bar, my guru, mentor, the man.
SFT Tequila Bar www.sayulitafishtaco.com


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