Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Cult of the Blue Agave's Daughter (and why for once I hate bacon)

Swine Flu. Lord, am I sick of hearing about this bug. Surely no matter where in the world you are, you know about this supposed sickness that is endangering the world, and all we hold dear. The end of civilization, a pandemic in waiting... oh lord. The news is eating it up. Well, it is the devil, and this is why...this little bug not only has all the restaurants and bars closed in Sayulita - I know - GASP! indeed... the bars are closed (weeeep)... but now our great Cinco de Mayo party at my local bar is also canceled. Travesty, followed by disaster, wrapped in Bacon. Sounds delicious, but not this time. The pig tastes funny.

My personal beliefs regarding this little dilemma aside, I think we should all follow the rules of days past and future times, and cure our ailments with Alcohol (which has worked for me for years). Brandy has long been believed to work on sore throats among other things, and the Mexican people have forever believed in the curing properties of the Agave and it's favorite daughter, Tequila. Today I am starting a new cult (just when you were looking for one to join, no?) - the Cult of the Blue Agave's Daughter. We will pray to our highest sister Tequila at all moments of the day (or at least after noon), and ask her for her guidance in getting us to our highest spiritual mind and soul-set, and to help us reach the power and buzz to cure our every ailment and worry. Join me, brothers and sisters! Come one, come all and heal thyself!


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