Friday, May 8, 2009

Vintage Tequila themed (and fueled) albums

Here are some awesome old Tequila and Mexico themed albums. My dad passed on to me not only his love of great music, but also his enjoyment of a great album cover. These are a few gems.

My fave cover of them all! A classic Tejano musician, with a knack for not only great covers but the accordion. Makes me want a drink and a record player.

This one is a classic 1966 Latin pop album. This is an Argentine guy, with an American name, idolizing Mexican music and directly ripping off Herb Albert. Gotta love it!

Great cover, great song track names on this one, including "Un Poquito Tequila" and "El Gringo"

These last 2 albums are by a Spanish/Argentine band called, of course, Tequila. They were formed in 1975, and rose to quite a bit of fame over the years.


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